Traditional job searching involves a person looking for a position online, applying to it with a resume and a cover letter, and hoping to get an interview with the company. Although traditional career searching has been popular in the past, it is nowhere near as effective today as it used to be. This method to find employment has been dying for some time, and here are some reasons why.


Too many applicants

Companies who post positions on job websites will often get hundreds of responses. Having so many responses can significantly complicate the hiring process. This is because it can take a long time to sift through all of these applications, and oftentimes, only a small percentage of the applicants will be qualified. In other words, this method can be very tedious for employers.

Applicants are waiting for their line to have interview

Too much risk

Hiring a person who is a complete unknown represents a risk to a company, even if the person seems to have a great resume. The reason is because the skills and personality of this person cannot be verified by anyone trusted by the company. There is no guarantee that the person will be compatible with the company, and will be able to perform his or her job with the appropriate level of skill.


Rising number of alternative options

Job seekers who are looking for a new career now have many different options to find a position. This means that they don’t have to rely as much on traditional searching. Networking through social media, job fairs, and business networking sites like LinkedIn are all ways that people can discover and get hired for jobs now.

Also, to mitigate risk, many companies often will now hire from within their own corporate structure, or will ask their employees to make referrals. All of these methods completely bypass standard searching.

Business people are networking in an event

Increased competition from more effective job sites

Recognizing the limitations of standard career sites, some newer companies have innovated, and made improvements to their models. Some job posting companies now use advanced algorithms to match applicants with appropriate companies and positions.

These matching algorithms can dramatically improve the success rates for companies finding compatible and effective employees for their positions. The rise of these type of career sites further diminishes the use of standard job searching.


If you are just entering the job market, and you are thinking to yourself, “I need a job,” you may be tempted to pursue traditional searching at first. If you try this for a little while and do not get anywhere, then it is probably because of the reasons listed in this article. In such a circumstance, it may be time to try a different approach to getting employed, such as using a job site that has matching capabilities.