Packing for a beach vacation is simple, right? You throw some swimsuits and flip flops in a suitcase and are on your way to days spent in leisure. Packing for a business trip is quite different than folding up your beachwear for some rest and relaxation. Many jobs require business travel, so it is important to know what to pack for your next business trip. Our business travel packing list will have you dressed to impress and prepared to network effectively!


Business cards

It is crucial to always carry your personal business cards when conducting business. Having your contact information when networking is key in landing a potential client or sale. Being unprepared can cost you future business, so always have extra business cards on hand.

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A jacket, several shirts, pants

These clothing items work for both men and women for a variety of business travel functions and requirements. Pack several dress shirts or blouses that will match your pair of pants, and always bring a suit jacket to accompany your ensemble. Although some business travel circumstances do not require strict business attire, men should also pack a few ties to be on the safe side.


Two pair of shoes

Even for a short business trip, packing two pair of shoes is essential. Bring along a comfortable pair of shoes for any walking that will be done during the day, and a dressier pair for business dinners and meetings with clients. Women should consider packing a pair of flats for the daytime hours, and a pair of heels for nighttime events.


Breath mints

Nobody wants to smell bad breath. Although you may have brushed your pearly whites in the morning, you may have not had the chance after lunch. That salad dressing may have left a foul odor in your mouth without you even knowing it. Pop in a mint and eliminate offending anyone with dragon breath. Be sure to choose mints over chewing gum because it is unprofessional to be smacking gum while having a business conversation.

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Hand sanitizer

On business trips, you will be networking and shaking many hands. Germs are inevitable, but anti-bacterial gel can help combat those pesky bugs waiting to prey on their next victim. Getting a cold while on a business travel is definitely a drag. Pack a 3.4 fluid ounce vial of hand sanitizer and stay healthy!


A phone charger & power bank

Much of your business requires your cell phone. Whether it is responding to an email, text, or making and receiving phone calls, your smartphone sure gets a work out. A phone charger and/or powerbank is essential in order to stay connected with those who need to get in touch with you.


Eliminate unnecessary stress when preparing to pack for your next business trip with our useful business travel tips. Not only will you be prepared, but you will also be looking dapper and ready to network successfully.

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