Travelling, local or international will broaden your horizon and will offer you new perspectives and skills on top of the excitement factor. Many people work all their lives so they can travel when they retire. Why not travel soon and even work while traveling. You can even find your inner calling during travels.

Extended travels are often very beneficial because you learn to live outside your comfort zone and develop a new set of competencies and soft skills ranging from problem solving to communication and these will be very valuable in any environment. It is possible to travel at a minimum cost or even get paid for doing it. Here are ten different ways to do it.

Travels that do not require commitment to others

By Train: Long distance train travels often offer very affordable in Europe and especially in Asia. Interrail in Europe consists of short trips across an extensive network. Trans Siberian in Russia is an epic journey that takes up to seven days. It is safe and cheap and I would personally recommend it.

By Ferry: Passanger transport ferries that travel long distances (one or more days) could be great for cheap & really fun travel if you have a sleeping bag.

By Backpack: Ultimate freedom from one night to any period you wish to spend. Usually you can intermix backpack with ferry and train and it works wonderful.

By Cargo Ship: Some cargo ships rent cabins for a nominal fee and cargo ship travel can be very interesting for some people. You will get to spend time in a work environment and get a totally new perspective.

By Niche Land Travel: You can get a seat aboard a specialist expedition somewhere in the world. For example, being Turkish, I know of a Turkish cultural expedition traveling from Istanbul, Turkey to Kathmandu, Nepal on a seven week return trip on board a custom prepared diesel minibus. These expeditions are entirely adventurous and non-touristic.

family in green plains

Travels that require commitment to others

What you’ll see below requires long term determination and commitment. They will often be tough yet will offer much greater rewards. You can also make money. More importantly you will make multiple discoveries. Geographical, internal, inter personal and cultural.

Sailing is an entire realm. You can be aboard a yacht, racing yacht and even a superyacht and see many places and also meet people. If these sound intriguing to you but you have no sailing experience then go get some. Start with day sailing trips and then take longer trips to see your fit with sailing, sailboats and other people. Contact or join sailing schools, yacht clubs, forums and monitor bulletin boards there.

By Yacht: Other than short trips and/or racing how about crossing the Atlantic ocean by yacht? If you pay a nominal fee you can get a bunk at a sailboat and join ARC the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers.

By Superyacht: You can travel seasonally aboard a superyacht as a crew and visit the best spots of Mediterranean or the world. Get a STCW certification and some decent serving and housekeeping or sailing experience as well as proper references and then join a superyacht as Stewardess, Deckhand or related entry-level position. You will have to work hard around the clock but will also have the time to discover.

Aboard a Superyacht in Portofino
Aboard a Superyacht in Portofino

By Cuiser Liner: You can see different locations and get paid well but life is tough on aboard for a novice as you’ll need to sleep in very tight quarters.

You will get very good organizational experience aboard any boat. Living and working in close quarters is really tough and will immediately boost your communication, problem solving, coping and language skills as well as build empathy.

As an Au-Pair: If you took care of a child before, think you can handle this responsibility and provide references being an au-pair means you can see new countries for free and also get pocket money for your work.

As a Charitable or Scientific Project Worker: Many international charities have missions abroad. Certain scientific disciplines require field work and need volunteers. Oceanographers, geologists, archeologists, anthropologists and many others. You can volunteer for a basic pay and will get solid experience. For example the McMurdo base in Antarctica could be interesting if you have relevant skills and cold

McMurdo Station in Antarctica is Hiring Volunteers & Employees!
McMurdo Station in Antarctica is Hiring Volunteers & Employees!

Sponsorship & Funding: If you have a specific mission that has some value then you can get sponsorship from companies or be funded by people. The more there is news value the easier for you to get a sponsorship. If you social media efficiently as well as conduct webinars and some video channels you can reach to a surprising number of people whom you maybe able to monetize.

Most of these commitment based travel options require hard work. At the end add these experiences to your life & resume with pride. Travel is not a risk free activity so exercise common sense and proper caution. Always do proper research beforehand.

I personally believe we are facing an erosion of real world skills. Many people live solely to get social media likes or watch hours of tv every day. Skills such as crewing, watchkeeping, cooking, child care, plumbing, teaching, logistical planning and cross-cultural communication are valuable. If you know celestial navigation please put it into your resume now, I guarantee that most people will be impressed.