If you are looking to land your dream job and also live in a fantastic city, then some cities may be better than others. Luckily, there are many cities that have great live and work opportunities. Such cities not only have lots of job opportunities but also have reasonable rent and a lot of excitement and things going on. Here is a list of some of the top cities to live and work in.


Austin, Texas

Austin is a beautiful city located in central Texas that is home to about 930,000 people. The motto of the city is “Keep Austin Weird,” and the city is has a thriving artistic and business culture. There is a large amount of live music in the city, and the “Austin City Limits” music festival occurs in the city every year, attracting top talent from around the world.

As of May 2016, Austin had 45,186 job openings, a median base salary of $61,000, and a median home value of $247,500. This means that moving to Austin can provide you with a solid job market with lots of employment opportunities as well as an exciting culture.

skyscrapers and a bridge at downtown Austin, Texas

Washington, DC

With so much political activity occurring in the city, Washington, DC, can be one of the most exciting and active cities in the world. For anyone who loves history, the city is also filled with historical monuments and buildings, as well as excellent museums.

The population of Washington DC is roughly 680,000. There were approximately 163,000 job openings in 2016. The median base salary is $70,000. The median home value is $364,100.

Capital Building and Capitol Lake in Washington DC

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Massachusetts is a wonderful city that has many excellent universities and colleges, such as Harvard University, MIT, Boston College, Boston University, etc. Like Washington, DC, it is also home to many historic buildings and landmarks.

In 2016, there were 121,498 job openings, the median base salary was $67,500, and the median home value was $387,400. So, if you are looking for a city where there are great academic, cultural, and job opportunities, Boston could be perfect for you!

Skyscrapers and a bridge at Boston, Massachusets

Moving to a new city can be a bit nerve-wracking. However, if you can find a city that is great to live and work in, it can be a fantastic decision. Cities with a lot of employment opportunities, low unemployment rates, and thriving job markets can be some of the best cities to work and live in.

So, whether you are looking for a new job or are simply seeking a new city to live in, it is wise to consider cities that are renowned for being great to live and work in, such as the three listed in this article. Doing so can help you find jobs that are excellent, and living environments that are as well!