Time is a key resource in life. Time impacts everything, from how long you will have to spend at work, to how often you will get to spend time with loved ones and enjoy yourself. Being skilled in time management and knowing how to optimize your time can help you to get more out of your day, and to prevent wasting the critical resource that is time.

Here are some great time-saving tips that will give you hours of your life back today!


Spend less time on social media

A quick opening of your Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, or Instagram account can easily turn into ten, twenty, thirty minutes, or even more time lost. Although these sites and apps can be very entertaining, they also can be major time wasters. So, make sure that you do not spend too much time on these sites. Instead, maybe allow yourself to check these accounts for a certain specified amount of time at lunch, and then not open them again until you are home from work.

A multiethnic group of people are using social media at a cafe


Planning is a great way to save time because it organizes things and allows you to move swiftly from one to the next without having to stop and think about your next move. Using a daily planner, a project planner, or a calendar can all be very helpful when it comes to planning.

If you are wondering how to create a calendar, there are many calendars online, including Google Calendar and calendar apps. However, you can also purchase a physical calendar and hang it on your wall. These can be very helpful as well. To-do lists can also be extremely helpful for planning.

A woman is using a calendar application to save time

Avoid Procrastinating

When it comes to the major do’s and don’ts of time wasting, procrastinating is a serious don’t. Procrastinating is bad because it not only prevents you from getting things done, but it also wastes time in the process.

Avoiding procrastinating is one of the best ways to reduce stress and to get more time back in your day. So, if you find yourself procrastinating, try to be conscious of it, and to go back to doing something productive. Of course, when you are off of work, you can relax as much as you want. However, procrastinating at work can be a major time waster.

Woman is thinking to do some jobs now or later

Effective time management is essential for creating a great work life balance. Following all of these tips can help you organize your time and optimize your schedule. If you can follow them, then you could find yourself getting back extra hours in your day!