The Labor Day holiday falls on Monday, September 5, 2016 this year, and many working Americans anticipate the day off of work or school and the extended Labor Day weekend that lies ahead. Of course, the time off is a perk, but it is important to reflect on the meaning of Labor Day. This special holiday is a tribute to the American working class who contribute to the well-being of society. With American roots, this holiday has made its way to other countries in a variety of forms. Labor Day became an official holiday in 1887 with Oregon’s declaration, and by 1896, it was a national holiday. Celebrated yearly on the first Monday of September, many Americans enjoy attending a parade, hosting a barbeque, or simply taking some time out of the daily grind to relax and rejuvenate. Still deciding what you want to do over Labor Day weekend? Here are a few options…


Take a dip

With Labor Day weekend known to be the unofficial last weekend of summer, why not get outside and enjoy the beautiful summer weather? Many public pools close for the season after Labor Day, so take advantage of the final weekend of splashing around, and cool off while soaking up some sun. Come February, you will be yearning for the chance to catch some UV rays, so definitely take them all in while you can.


Attend a parade

Many towns and cities host Labor Day parades to honor those who contribute to society. Be a part of the true meaning of Labor Day, and respect those who make daily sacrifices in order to create a better world for all to enjoy. Take a look at the floats and enjoy the music and procession. You may even capture some free goodies!


Spend time with loved ones

With everyone’s crazy work schedules, it is often difficult to coordinate family time. Labor Day weekend is the perfect opportunity to host a barbeque for your family and loved ones. Eat, drink, and be merry while tossing a game of bags, playing a game of kickball, or serving up an ace in a friendly game of backyard volleyball. Spending quality time with loved ones is a great way to enjoy your time off.


Listen to some tunes

Several artists hold concerts and musical festivals over Labor Day weekend. If you love music, you won’t have a hard time finding a concert to attend. With Labor Day being the unofficial end to summer, you will find several outdoor music shows and festivals, which provide the ability to breathe in some fresh air while listening to your favorite songs being played live!



Rest is a four-letter word that many working Americans don’t do enough of. With the hustle and bustle of a 40-hour weekly work week, and some who even work up to 60 hours weekly, you might just want to take some time to recharge your battery and relax. Whether it’s on your couch, or outside on a lawn chair, take advantage of the day off of work and get some much needed rest. Your body and mind will thank you.


No matter what you choose to do over Labor Day, always keep in mind the true meaning behind the holiday. Honor those who work hard to make a living and contribute to society, and if you are part of the working class, pat yourself on your back for a job well done!