Oftentimes, job applicants are asked the question “How would you describe yourself?” at job interviews. If you have not prepared an answer to this question, then it may catch you off guard slightly, because it is a vague question. Here are 10 ways to describe yourself at an interview that can make you look like a strong candidate.


1) Hardworking

Most companies benefit by having employees who are hardworking, and most hiring managers are likely going to be happy to hear that this is a quality that you possess. After all, many jobs require hard work.


2) Positive

Positivity is another personality trait that often goes over well. Employees and managers often have to spend large amounts of time together and face many challenges. So, having a positive attitude can be appealing.

a group of happy colleagues are throwing papers into the air

3) Experienced

Experience is one of the key things that many hiring managers look for when evaluating candidates. For this reason, it is also wise to pursue jobs that you have experience with.


4) Disciplined

Disciplined is a good word to describe yourself (if it is true), because discipline reflects focus, organization, and determination, all good things.


5) Intelligent

Intelligence is required for many different jobs. Because of this, smart people are often chosen for positions. Thus, it is good to be intelligent, and it is good for your interviewer to know that you are, when you are seeking a job.


6) Educated

If you have any degrees, or other education that is relevant to the job description, then this is good to mention. Having a solid education can potentially make you stand out from other candidates.

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7) Proactive

Being proactive is often viewed as a good sign because it shows that you don’t need to be told every single little thing. Instead, it shows that you can make connections yourself and are action-oriented.


8) Ambitious

The benefit of being viewed as ambitious is that it lets the interviewer know that you are motivated to be successful. So, the interviewer will be more inclined to see you as someone who is not just going to do the bare minimum, but who is instead, going to work very hard, and always try to be moving forward. This is a good thing.


9) Detail-Oriented

Being able to follow instructions and get details right is a skill valued by many companies. After all, people who cannot pay attention to detail, or follow instructions often have to repeat work. That wastes time. So being detail-oriented can be seen as very positive.


10) Creative

Creativity can be tremendously useful for a wide range of positions and companies. The reason is because people who are creative are often good at coming up with solutions to problems, as well as generating other ideas, concepts, designs, and other things that can be useful for companies.

Creative schoolchild with virtual reality headset is pointing a bulb

Whether you are just about to get a job, or are at the beginning of the process of finding a job, describing yourself with these traits at interviews can create a favorable impression with the interviewer. With just a few more great interview tips, you could be well on your way to landing that awesome position!