A job interview consists of interview questions and answers. As the interviewee, you must also be prepared to ask the hiring manager questions. Typically, at the end of an interview, the hiring manager will ask the interviewee if he or she has any questions. By answering “no” the interviewee runs the risk of not leaving a lasting impression. The interviewee must be prepared and know what interview questions to ask.


Here are the top ten interview questions every interviewee should ask:

1) What are the qualities you are looking for when you are hiring?

This is a critical fact-finding question. It will allow you to identify the company’s core needs. Then, you can share how you best fit those needs.

2) Why do you personally enjoy about working for this company?

Typically, the interviewer is flattered when the interviewee asks his or her opinion. This shows personal interest.


3) What does a typical work day in this position look like?

The answer to this question will help you decide if you have the skills to be successful with the position’s everyday tasks.

4) How would you describe the culture in the workplace?

If you like what is described, you can offer how you are well-suited to fit in such an environment.

5) What are some of the biggest successes of this organization?

You want the hiring manager to have a chance to boast about the organization. This question allows the employer to prove that you are joining a winning team.

6) What are some of the biggest challenges facing this organization?

It could very well be that the company’s challenges are areas where you can offer assistance and expertise.


7) What are the steps in place for measuring and reviewing employee performance?

This demonstrates that you are driven and focused on achieving results in your career.

8) Is this a new position? If not, who had the role before and where is he or she now?

Although this question is a bit unpredictable, the employer will not want to offer a bad impression. It indirectly gets the employer to prove that the company is a place where you would want to work.

9) As an employee, how can I exceed your expectations?

By asking this question, you will show you have a sincere interest in being a positive asset to the company.

10) What are the next steps in the hiring process?

After any type of meeting, it is always a sensible approach to ask about the next steps. This holds true in an interview situation as well. It lets the employer know that you are not confused about the job expectations and are ready to move forward.