Hiring great new workers can be a significant challenge for companies. The reason is because not all applicants are people who would be ideal employees. In fact, there are a number of risks that can go along with hiring new employees. New employees could be very bad at their jobs, they could steal from the company, they could cause legal problems, etc. Here are 6 ways to reduce risk when hiring new employees.


1) Perform background checks

Performing basic criminal background checks is a great way to make sure that the people you are planning to hire are not dangerous criminals. To perform a background check, you can use the services of a background checking company, or you can use a number of websites to conduct it yourself.

An inspector wearing hat is doing background check

2) Search the person’s name on search engines

Sometimes, a simple Google search of a person’s name can reveal significant information about the person. Such a search can reveal positive or negative information. So, if you are a hiring manager, hopefully a quick Google search will make it easier for you to make your decision about the applicant!


3) Contact their references

Many job applicants will leave references along with their job applications. You can contact these references to hear what they have to say about the person in question. If the references give you positive feedback about the candidate, then this is a good sign. If the feedback is negative, then this could be a real concern.


4) Look for the best resumes

A great resume with a lot of relevant work experience often means that the person possesses the necessary skills and qualifications to do the job correctly. This can help to eliminate the risks associated with hiring people who are unqualified to do the job at hand.

Buisnessman is looking to a resume to hire employee

5) Verify the person’s identity

Identity theft and other related forms of fraud during the hiring process are major concerns for hiring managers. A person who may not be eligible for a position may use a fake identity to try to get the position. To reduce the risk of this happening, it is wise to verify the applicant’s identity by asking him or her to bring his or her license or state issued ID to the interview.


6) Conduct a thorough interview

Interviews can be very helpful for reducing hiring risks because they allow hiring managers to get a much better understanding of the applicant’s personality, and skillset. During an interview, applicants will usually have the opportunity to speak at length about relevant aspects of the job. This can give hiring managers great insight into their knowledge for the position.

applicant is having an interview outside the building with hiring manager

Hiring the wrong employee can be a real headache. Following these tips can help you to reduce many of the risks associated with hiring. This can put your company on the path to creating a more effective and safer hiring process!