Going back to work after a vacation can be tough. After all, vacations are often very relaxing and a lot of fun. However, they also tend to be temporary. So, if you are suffering from a case of the post-vacation blues, here are some tips that can help to get you back into the swing of things after the holidays!


1) Get a good night’s sleep the night before you return

The first day back to work is bound to be stressful. In fact, you may even find yourself thinking “I don’t want to go to work today,” all morning before you arrive back. To minimize stress, it is very wise to go to bed early the night before you return. This can help you to ensure that you have all of the energy you will need to cope with the demands of going back.

2) Set up an out of office message

The benefit of doing this is that all of your clients and work contacts will know that you are out of the office, and are not just choosing to not respond to them. This can minimize any potential confusion between your contacts and you.


3) Budget a lot of time to answer emails and respond to calls

When you return to work, there is a good chance that there will be a pile of emails and phone messages waiting for you. Knowing this ahead of time, and budgeting time to deal with this mountain of messages is a very wise thing to do. Otherwise, you could find yourself toiling to get work done and respond to all of the messages at the same time. That can be quite difficult.


4) Give yourself a recovery day before you go back to work

If you have traveled somewhere during your vacation, then it is a good idea to plan at least one recovery day that you can spend at home before you return to work. This can help you to transition better back to work, as opposed to having a stressful traveling day and then going right back to work the next morning.


5) Plan a fun activity after work

This could be going to a nice restaurant with your partner, going to a movie, visiting with friends, going to the park, etc. Whatever you choose, having something to look forward to after work can help you get through that very difficult first day back!

Three people are hiking after a holiday

6) Start thinking about your next vacation

Although your vacation may have just ended, remembering that you will be able to take more in the future can be extremely uplifting. While you are at lunch, you can even start looking at hotels and travel destinations!

Even if you like your career, the first day back from vacation can be a real handful. Using these tips can help you survive that difficult first day back!