Although internships can sometimes seem like just a fun way to spend the summer, they can actually be very helpful for your professional life. Here are six great benefits of an internship.


Practical experience

Working at an internship can give you experience that you will not be able to get in a classroom. At an internship, you will be completely immersed in an actual business environment. This makes it a fantastic learning opportunity and a great way to get practical work experience that can be helpful in the future.

Intern and her mentor are working on a business report

Reference letter

A good reference letter from your supervisor at your internship can be a Godsend when it comes to trying to get hired after college. If your supervisor writes you a great reference letter, then it shows hiring managers that you did an excellent job at your internship, and it can help you stand out from other candidates.



If you succeed at your internship, then it can help to boost your confidence, and to show yourself and others that you are capable of working in the industry. If you are someone who worries about how to meet new people, doing an internship can also be very helpful for this too. This is because you are likely to meet many new people during an internship.


Being an intern is a great way to connect with people in your field. When you are trying to find a job after college, some of the contacts that you make during your internship may be extremely helpful.

Business people are networking at tea break

Career exploration

If you are not sure exactly what to do after college, then doing an internship can help you try out a specific field. After a few months of working as an intern, you will probably have a much better idea of whether or not the field is right for you. If you find out it’s not, it’s better to realize that during an internship then after years in the field!

New graduated guy is choosing his career

Could lead to a job with the company

This can potentially happen if you do a great job at your internship. It is also a good reason to get in the habit of taking initiative at work while you are interning. Many companies like people who are proactive and who can solve problems independently. So, if you can show the company that you work hard, possess the skills, and take initiative, then they might very well hire you after your internship is done

An internship can be extremely helpful for your career. These six benefits are just a small example of all that an internship can offer. So if you get the opportunity to do an internship, it may be a great decision to do it!