Searching for a job while you have a job can be quite the risky undertaking. This is because if your boss, or even if one of your coworkers finds out, then it can be a major hassle for you.

If your boss finds out that you are looking for another job, then he or she may start looking for your replacement. Also, it can cause him or her to feel betrayed by you, and it can put a lot of strain on your relationship. Here are some tricky ways to search for a job that can help you avoid these uncomfortable situations!

1) Networking

Although you may have a great in-office network, it is probably not going to be very useful when it comes to trying to find a job under the radar. However, your out-of-office network may be very useful for this purpose. You can use LinkedIn, networking events, or even your local gym or coffee shop to expand your out-of-office network. This network can help create leads for you for job opportunities.


2) Social media 

Occasionally, people whom you are connected with on social media may post that their company is looking for a new employee. Also, companies you follow on Twitter or Snapchat may do the same thing. So look for these types of opportunities!

Young man searching for jobs online

3) Use job sites (when at home) 

Job sites are one of the single best places to find jobs. However, you really need to make sure that you are at home when you peruse job sites. Otherwise, you may easily get caught.


4) Recruiters

Contacting a recruiting company directly can be a great strategy for finding a job without your boss finding out. The recruiter can do the leg work of finding you opportunities and putting you in contact with hiring managers!


5) Conduct secret interviews 

If you are applying to jobs frequently, there is a good chance that some of them could lead to an interview. However, when you are in the interviewing process, you can’t exactly tell your boss you are leaving work to conduct an interview with another company. So, the best way to complete your interviews is to schedule them for times that are outside of your normal work day. That way you can keep them a secret!


6) Use older sources as references

During your job search, it is wise to avoid using your current employer, boss, or supervisor for references. The reason is because if you do, there is a good chance the company will call them, and then you will be found out. So try to use older sources for your references.

7) Apply directly through company websites

Many companies have a section that is called “Careers” on the bottom of their websites. This is a great place to apply when you are job hunting. You will have to do research to find the best companies for you to apply to, however.


Applying for jobs when you already have one requires a good degree of stealth. Using these techniques can help you to find that new dream job without getting caught by your current employer!