So you have built up the skills, gotten the education, written a great cover letter, and have applied to the job, but you’re still not getting hired? This is a situation that happens to many people. You’re not alone!

However, if this is happening to you on a consistent basis, then you may be making an important mistake somewhere along the line. Here are five questions that you should be asking yourself if you’re not getting the job that you want?


1) Am I really qualified for this job?

 No matter what type of employment you are seeking, you will face an uphill battle to get hired if you are not qualified. For example, if you are trying to get hired for an engineering position, but you only have some of the skills and training required for this job, then it is going to be a challenge to get hired for it.


2) Am I making mistakes in my interviews?

 Many jobs require an interview before a hire is made. Interviews can be a very important part of the hiring process. So, if you are making a few key interview mistakes, this could be what is preventing you from landing that great job. Common interview mistakes include showing up late, dressing unprofessionally, and being unprepared to answer questions that may arise. So, some great job interview tips are to show up early, to wear something that is very appropriate and professional, and to also practice potential interview questions and answers at home, in advance of the interview.

Woman is sad after an unsuccessful interview

3) Did I follow up?

 Following up with the company after a job interview, or after you send a resume can often be an important factor in whether or not you land your desired job in your chosen career path. A follow up shows the company that you are dedicated to the position and that you are thorough. Both of these qualities can be appealing to employers.


4) Did I follow the instructions?

 Oftentimes, a job description will ask candidates to supply certain information in their cover letter. Or, a company may ask candidates to bring certain items to an interview, such as proof of education, an ID, an additional copy of a resume, etc. Failing to follow provided instructions sends a message to the employer that you do not pay attention to detail and you do not care enough about the job to do things right. So if you are trying to learn how to get a job you love, don’t forget to follow the application or interview instructions!

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5) Is my resume high quality?

 Many people do not know how to build a resume effectively. However, great resumes are important for landing great jobs. Standard practices for building a good resume include keeping it neat, clean, and organized, not making it too long or too short, and making sure all of your grammar is correct. There are also a number of great resume templates on the internet that can be very helpful.

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If you have been asking yourself, “How can I land great jobs near me?” or wondering how to find a job that is ideal for your situation, then following the tips in this article can help you. If you keep working on it, there is a great chance you will eventually land that perfect job!