Many job seekers look for full-time positions at large companies that can provide benefits. However, that does not mean that this path is ideal for everyone. There are a wide variety of jobs or careers that do not fall under this category. Freelance jobs are a good example of this.

People who work as freelancers are self-employed and they usually contract with a number of different companies rather than working for one “employer.” Freelancing may be great for some people but not work well for others. Here is a closer look at freelancing, which can help you figure out whether or not freelancing is right for you.



Freelance careers have more flexibility than almost any other type. Many freelance jobs can be done at home, they can be done full or part time, and they allow the freelancer to create his or her own schedule as there is no boss, only clients. The part-time job and work at home capabilities appeal to many people who looking for ways to make extra money at home.

Whether you are looking to freelance full or part time, it can provide a tremendous degree of flexibility to your work schedule. Because freelancers create their own schedules, they can take on as much or as little work as they want. However, if you want to pack your work schedule as a freelancer, you just have to make sure you can get the work in the first place!

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There is a lot of freedom with freelancing. However, there is also a lot of responsibility. Freelancers must create their service, bring in their business, perform the job, network, and solve most other business problems themselves. In other words, freelancers are entirely responsible for their own success.

This means that if you are going to be a freelancer, you have to be very skilled, organized, and diligent. Some people thrive with the freedom that can come with freelancing. However, if you are disorganized, and do not enjoy having a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, then it might not be the best path for you.


Payment Variation

Payment for freelancers is typically much different for many other jobs. Non-freelancing positions are often paid with salaries, which involve getting paid a specified amount per year. Freelancers, however, often do not know exactly how much they will make per year. If they perform well, they will make higher amounts, and if they perform poorly, they will make lower amounts.

Although freelancing yearly incomes can vary significantly, the benefit is that freelancers can increase their incomes without needing raises if they just increase their business volumes. Salaried employees have to wait for raises. It can be significantly more difficult for salaried employees to increase their yearly income. Salaries are more stable, but self-employed freelancers have no ceiling to what they can earn in a year.

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There are many benefits to being a freelancer. However, there are also a number of distinct risks. Whether or not freelancing is the right choice for you depends on your particular situation and skillset. However, if you choose to go into freelancing, you will still need to be great at your skill in order to optimize your success!

If you do go into freelancing, there are many great online platforms such as,, and others that can help you jumpstart your freelancing career!