As you search for a job, it is highly unlikely that you will find a job description that includes a power nap at the office. Although many employees would benefit from sleeping at work, their boss and even some coworkers would probably disagree. Of course, we do not condone sleeping your shift away, but a quick, 15-minute power nap might give you that energy boost your body craves. Since most companies do not allow time for napping during the day, how can you sleep at work without getting caught? Here are some ideas…

Lie under your desk

Now, of course we don’t mean to lie under your desk with a pillow or air mattress, but by lying near computer cords can serve as the perfect scapegoat if someone questions what you’re doing. Am I taking a power nap? No way! I was just trying to untangle these wires because I am experiencing some computer issues. Wink, wink!

Pretend you are reading

This can be accomplished if your back is facing your coworkers. Place some spreadsheets, a book, a manual, or anything that you should be reading on top of your desk or on your computer screen. Use your hand to hold up one side of your head and position your elbow on your desk. From behind, you will appear as though you are reading, but actually you will have nodded off into a quick nap.

Portrait Of A Young Tired Businessman Sleeping At Desk

Head out to your vehicle

For those of you who drive to work, you probably forgot your lunch in your car, right? Wink, wink. Excuse yourself from the office and head out to your vehicle for a quick power nap. Be sure to come back with your lunch, or whatever item it is you said you needed to retrieve. Use this option sparingly because others will wonder what is going on if you “forget” something in car on a daily basis.

Use the restroom

Okay, this may sound gross, but bathroom stalls have doors, which means privacy. If you head to the restroom for a power nap, it is unlikely that your coworkers will question what you were doing in the bathroom for 10 minutes. Although you may think of a restroom as a disgusting place for a nap, some desperate times may call for desperate measures!


Do you have a key to the supply room? Is there an open office or conference room that coworkers typically do not occupy? Is there room under the stairwell? Examine your surroundings and find the perfect power nap location. Just remember to set an alarm on your cell phone or watch before your coworkers file a missing person’s report!


Whether you were up all night with a crying baby, your mind was spinning, or you simply could not get comfortable, lack of sleep is the worst. A quick power nap at the office could do you some good, but be sure not to get caught!