Promotions can be incredibly significant steps forward in your career. Not only can they increase your annual income, but they can also give you more power, responsibility, and status within your company. For this reason, many employees often find themselves wondering how to get promoted.

Here are some tips for how to set yourself up for a promotion on day 1


Dress for the job you want

Dressing for the job you want is one of the simplest and best things that you can do to set yourself up for a promotion. “Looking the part” by wearing the appropriate clothes can help to send a signal to your employer that you are ready for the promotion.

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As soon as you arrive at a new company, you can begin networking. You can start by meeting and making friends at work with the immediate people you will be interacting with. After that, you can start to make inroads with other people the company. The more people whom you know, and have a good rapport with within your company, the better. If you are better known, then your name may be more likely to be put forth when a promotion is being deliberated!


Become a good leader

People who receive promotions at work are often people who display leadership qualities. Therefore, it can be wise to learn to cultivate leadership qualities within your personality. Some of the qualities of a good leader include integrity, patience, and decisiveness. Leaders also need to have good people skills because they generally have to manage a number of people who work under them.

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Try to keep improving at your job

Even if you are great at building relationships at work and self-promotion, you will still need to excel at your job to get promoted, most of the time. In fact, many promotions come as a direct result of performing your job exceptionally well. So, to get better at your job, go to any trainings that are offered, read about it outside of work, and learn from people who can teach you, or who set a good example. This can make you more eligible for a promotion.


Stay out of office drama and politics

To set yourself up for success, it is important to stay away from scandals and drama. Otherwise, you may become known as a controversial figure in your office, and that is not likely to help with promotions. Instead, try to steer clear of negative attention, and always keep things professional.


Following these tips can help you increase your chances of getting that great promotion sooner rather than later. A good promotion can have a strong positive impact on your career, so it is definitely worth shooting for. If you keep working hard, and if you incorporate these tips, that promotion could be right around the corner!