Quitting a job can be uncomfortable and difficult. After all, it means leaving behind a work environment you are used to and have been a part of for some time, and starting off for something completely new.

If you quit your job, it can also be very disrupting for your company. Here are some great tips for how to quit a job with class.


Talk to your family beforehand

Quitting your job can have a very large impact on your family. For this reason, it is very important to inform them well beforehand if you are planning a career change. This can give them time to prepare and get ready for the big changes that will come when you switch positions.

Woman is talking to her family and explaining that she will quit her job

Use a resignation letter

Using a resignation letter is a very professional and courteous way to announce the fact that you are leaving the company. Your boss and your coworkers will likely appreciate this sign of professionalism and respect.

You can also send a special goodbye email to coworkers whom you were especially close with. This one can be more personal, and less formal.


Write a thank you/goodbye letter

By writing and circulating a thank you/goodbye letter to your bosses and to your coworkers, you are letting them know that you valued your time with them, and you are grateful for the experience you had. This can help all the people you worked with feel appreciated by you.

Man is signing a thank you note

Maintain relationships

Trying to maintain a relationship with your former employer that is positive can be very classy. After all, even though you may not work for the company anymore, many people there may be a part of your business network. You don’t want to lose these people. Not only are some of them probably your friends, but they are also good business contacts.


Save money in advance

After you leave your company, you may go through a period of financial instability. This could be because you are looking for a new company to work for, or because you have to move, etc. Because of this, it is very helpful to have money saved in advance that can help you get through the uncertain times.

Woman is saving money before quitting job

Try to get a reference letter from your employer

A strong reference letter from a former employer can be very helpful when it comes to applying to your next job. As long as you have done your job well, and have kept it respectful and classy while you were quitting, then there is a good chance that your boss could write you a great reference letter. This can be very helpful to you.


Leaving your company can be stressful and uncomfortable. However, if you follow these tips, you can do it in a classy manner. This can help you keep a good relationship with your former employer while you move on to, or search for that exciting new position!