Picture this scenario: You have completed a job application, received a call for an interview, and are now preparing to land the job by reviewing potential interview questions and answers and other tips for the interview. As you prime yourself for what lies ahead, have you considered how you will address wage negotiations? Salary negotiation can sometimes feel like an awkward topic to address, but our tips can help you tackle this topic with ease.


Do some research

Many of us have been warned to never ask how much the salary is for a position while being interviewed. Well, if you conduct research beforehand and familiarize yourself with the median salary for such a position, then breaching the subject after a job offer is made should not feel like you are walking on egg shells. Be confident and demonstrate how you would be a valuable asset to their company. Showcase your skills and then at the end of interview approach the topic of salary. Since you have already researched the average salary for a comparable position, you can share the number you feel is adequate, and you will know if the interview team is within that ballpark figure, or completely off target.


Be tactful

Of course, you do not want to blurt out, “What is the salary for this position?” as soon as the interview team has completed their interview questions. Be tactful and nonchalant. Consider saying something like, “The position and potential for future growth in the company are my top priorities. Can you share what salary range you had in mind for this position? By approaching the topic in this manner, you open the door to hear what the hiring manager has in mind in regards to salary. If the number is not what you anticipated, you can go back to your research and say something like this, “Thank you for sharing the salary range. I did some research on the median salary for a comparable position. Would you be willing to negotiate a salary within this range?” The worst that can happen is that you receive a “no” and then you will have to decide if this is the right company for you.


Focus on your passion

You have every right to want proper compensation for your skills, so it is imperative that you highlight your strengths. If the hiring manager throws a salary figure in your direction that is less than desirable, try saying, “Thank you for sharing the salary for this position. Does that figure include the skills and experience I have in (insert skills and experience)?” Not only does this allow you to showcase your expertise and experience again, but it also may get the hiring manager thinking about salary negotiation. If you sell yourself and your passion so well that the company cannot see a future without you, the chances of that original salary range increasing should be in your favor. If it still is not what you anticipated, come back with a statement such as, “I understand this is the figure you have budgeted for. I really want to reiterate how passionate I am about taking on such a position and how my knowledge, expertise, and experience are definitely valuable assets and are worth (insert figure).” Let the interview team and hiring manager reflect on your statement. They may stand firm with their figure, or they may negotiate. As long as you remain respectful and professional, it is definitely worth a shot!


Feeling anxious about negotiating salary is not unusual. However, if you are prepared, tactful, and focus on your strengths, you can take on this topic professionally and hopefully earn the salary you have worked so hard to achieve!