Imagine this scenario: You have been awarded an amazing promotion, and now you must give a business presentation to the entire staff. Does the thought of getting in front of your coworkers have your knees shaking? Stop worrying and learn how to give a killer presentation right now!


What is a presentation?

Depending on the topic, a presentation for work purposes typically is for informative purposes. You may need to review the employee handbook, talk about a new business plan, pitch a new method or way of doing something, or review company performance. No matter what the topic might be, presentations are only as effective as their presenters.


Delivery is everything

Let’s face it. We have all sat through long, boring, and drawn out presentations. Why were these presentations such a drag? Was the speaker mumbling? Was he or she not making eye contact? Did you feel like you were being lectured? Were you able to ask questions? Were there opportunities for you to become actively engaged? Consider what you did NOT like about presentations you sat through in the past, and turn those negatives into positives for your delivery. Make eye contact. Be enthusiastic. Engage your audience. Ask for feedback. Demonstrate that this is a team effort!


Use visual aids

Have you ever been talked to for an hour only to leave the presentation not remembering a thing that was said? The majority of us have. Why? Because we were not engaged and the speaker just rambled on and on without using any visual aids. When you present to coworkers, be sure to always use visual aids that will attract the audience and keep their attention. Whether you use PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote, or poster-sized charts and graphs beaming with vibrant colors, consider your audience and what methods will best capture their attention.


Keep it simple

No matter what you do, do not ramble on and on. Keep your presentation simple and to the point. Those listening are also probably thinking about all of the things they need to finish before going home for the day. Your coworkers will appreciate that you are keeping the presentation short and sweet, yet they are gaining knowledge from what is being presented.


Tell stories

Especially in cases where the material being presented may be a bit dry, it is always a good idea to incorporate a quick story or two into the presentation. Make a personal connection, share something funny, and show that you are not just someone in charge, but you can also relate to all employees. Telling a story is an incredible attention getter and a great way to open up a presentation. Again, be sure the story is short and to the point. If it lingers too long, you will miss out on the opportunity for engagement.


Overall, you want your employees and coworkers to WANT to attend your presentations. They should be informative, yet engaging. You never want your audience to dread having to listen to you. Practice your delivery methods, use visual aids, keep it simple, and connect with your audience through stories, and you will be on your way to delivering an effective presentation!