Your son’s very first soccer game starts at 4PM, but you have a huge project at work that needs to be finished. Just the thought of missing his first game brings you to tears, but you also know how serious this work project is to your company. What can you do? Balancing work and family is no easy feat. However, by adopting and following our work life balance tips, you will be on your way to juggling a career and your family lifestyle with ease.


Leave work at work

As hard as it may be, taking your work life home with you is a sure way of burning out and ignoring your family. Unless it is absolutely necessary, work should be left at work. That includes talking about work. Rather than sharing how one of your coworkers is annoying you, or how your boss keeps dumping more and more work on your plate, ask your spouse and children how their day went while eating dinner together as a family. How was school? What did they learn? What are they looking forward to? What is something fun they can do together as a family over the weekend? By taking an active role in your family’s life, work will become a distant memory while you are at home.


Leave your baggage at home

Just as we advised on leaving work at work, it is equally important to leave your family issues at home. Yes, we can all empathize that you were up at 2AM with a teething baby, but that does not mean you can nap at your office desk. Pour yourself an extra-large cup of coffee and focus on your work. Your motivation to get you through the day can be your comfortable bed that awaits your early 8PM bedtime.



You are trying to balance work and family, and now exercise gets thrown into the equation? Really? Yes! It is so important to use exercise as an outlet for stress, to calm your mind, and to refresh your body. Unfortunately, when our calendars become jam packed with activities and functions, we neglect to exercise. This is doing more harm than good. Even 10 minutes out of your day for a brisk walk or a quick jog will benefit your health and overall mood.


Hire a life coach

You have made an effort to leave work at work and your baggage at home. You even force yourself to take a 20 minute walk each day on your lunch break. Although these things have helped, you are still finding yourself in limbo when trying to balance family and work. It sounds like the perfect time to talk to a life coach. A professional life coach has seen it all and can help you find the appropriate balance in your life. What works for one person, may not always work for another, so finding the right life plan for you is what’s most important.


Nobody said juggling a family and work is easy. It takes focus, determination, and balance. Some days might be more difficult than others, but if you learn to roll with the punches and use some of our recommended tips, you will find that balancing your career and family lifestyle can be done. You might even free up some time for leisure activities along the way!