A group of interns having conversation

There are many benefits to a successful internship. Not only are there great networking and work experience opportunities, but an internship can also lead directly to a job with the company. Because of all of these benefits, it is a great idea to be the best intern ever and to really impress your company. Here is how you can do it!


Be professional

Demonstrating professionalism in the workplace is key to being a great intern. This means showing up on time, dressing professionally, taking your work seriously, speaking respectfully and appropriately to people, etc.


Take initiative

Taking initiative at work also goes a long when the way it comes to proving your quality as an intern. If you can anticipate what needs to be done and do it before someone asks you to do it, then it shows you are dedicated, focused, and useful to the company.


Build relationships

Building relationships with your coworkers while you are interning can help the company benefit more from having you there. In many cases, a company would prefer to have someone who connects well with employees as opposed to someone who doesn’t connect well and who remains largely anonymous while working as an intern.

A happy intern is sitting with her colleagues at work

Avoid using social media

Although you may be extremely tempted to check your Snapchat or Facebook account to see what is happening with your friends, it is often frowned upon to do this at work. So, you may be viewed negatively if you get caught using social media at work!


Learn and adapt quickly

Interns are often put into situations where they have little experience and must learn new things to be helpful to the company. This is why you can really stand out if you can learn and adapt quickly. Even if you have to spend some of your spare time learning new skills while you are interning, it can be very worthwhile for trying to be the best intern ever.

Benefits of an internship

Keep in touch

It is not just interns who benefit from and value internships. Companies also can get a lot from them. This is especially true if interns keep in touch after the internship is over. If you keep in contact with people from the company after your internship, the company may see you as more valuable, and may actually even hire you!


A successful internship can be very helpful when you are trying to figure out how to find a job after college. Not only can an internship potentially help the reference page of your resume, but it can give you the skills, contacts, and experience that you need to succeed. Following these tips can help you be the best intern ever and get the most out of your experience!