Hiring decisions can have a very strong impact on the success of a company. For this reason, employers often have thorough processes for making these decisions. Here is a closer look at the process many employers go through to make a hiring decision.


Detailed job post

The first step that many hiring managers take in finding a new hire is posting a detailed job post on a job site. These job posts contain the specific skill sets, education levels, and sometimes salary ranges that the company is aiming for. This helps the company to narrow down candidates.


Cover letter/resume

The next step is to read the incoming applications. Human resources professionals are often responsible for filtering the applications into a smaller pile of the most qualified candidates. So the quality with which a job seeker writes his or her cover letter and application is very important!

Businessman is preparing his resume


Following the interview process, the hiring manager will review the candidates with other hiring managers or relevant HR personnel at the company. During this phase, references on candidate applications may be called, social media profiles may be researched, and each candidate will be evaluated. So make sure you clean up your social media accounts!



After possible job candidates have been narrowed down to a smaller group, the next phase is typically an interview. During this phase, the top candidates will be invited for an interview with the company. In the interview, a hiring manager will ask the job candidates a series of questions pertaining to the job.


woman is smiling at her interview



The selection is the final phase of a company hiring process. During a selection, the hiring managers review all of the information that they have made so far and decide on a candidate. The candidate is then contacted and offered the position. If he or she takes it, then the process is over, and the person will soon begin his or her career at the company.

However, if he or she rejects it, then the next best candidate will be offered the position. Once a candidate who has been offered the position agrees to take the job, then the other candidates are typically notified that they did not get the position.



This is the basic outline of how many companies select who to hire. There are some things that you can do to help yourself be more appealing to the company during this process. For example, sending a thank you note after an interview can help you to stay fresh on the hiring managers’ minds when they are in the review and selection stages.

Also, make sure that you create a great resume and apply for the position soon after the job is posted. If you apply too late, your application will likely get buried under a large stack of other applications. The more familiar you become with the process of applying for jobs, the better you will get at it. Practice makes perfect!