Every year on October 31st, people in Ireland and the United States celebrate Halloween by dressing up as witches, ghosts, and even their favorite super heroes or Hollywood stars. Children walk from house to house in their Halloween costumes and say “trick or treat” to those who answer their doors, and they are typically are handed candy or some sort of treat. Some people bob for apples and enjoy bonfires. Many take it even further and decorate their homes with pumpkins, scarecrows, hay, corn husks, skeletons, and ghouls. It truly is a fun holiday for those who participate. So what happens when you’re working on Halloween? Halloween at work can be great for coworkers who know how to have fun. Here are some ideas to make this year’s Halloween fun at work.


Office party

Who doesn’t love a party, right? Well, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to have an office party. Coworkers can bob for apples, enjoy some delicious chili, and drink a cup of hot apple cider. With a few people willing to pitch in, this can easily be accomplished. Play some spooky music and share some scary stories to put yourselves in the Halloween mood.


Costume contest

Who says you are too old to dress up for Halloween? Nobody! Why not find the best Halloween costumes and have a work Halloween costume contest? Of course, work Halloween costumes should be appropriate for the work environment, but there are so many Halloween costume ideas for work that you definitely won’t have trouble finding one. You can dress up as your favorite celebrity, or go the more traditional route and be a goblin, pumpkin, witch, or ghost. Whatever you decide, add some creative flare and you’ll be sure to win the Halloween costume contest.

costume party at work

Pumpkin carving contest

Who doesn’t love some friendly competition? Purchase some pumpkins, and have a pumpkin carving contest for those who wish to participate. You can even create teams and have each team work together on a masterpiece. Not only does this help celebrate Halloween, but it also allows coworkers to team build. Maybe your boss will chip in and buy a small prize for the winner(s).


Decorating challenge

Spruce up the office and join in on the Halloween spirit by having a decorating challenge. Each employee can decorate his or her cubicle keeping the Halloween theme in mind. If you want another opportunity for team building, a team of coworkers can be assigned to a particular section of the office to decorate. You can elect a panel of judges to assess the decorating and select the winner(s). Again, it would be great to award the winner(s) a small prize if possible, but overall, the friendly competition and fun may be all the staff needs.


Make Halloween fun at the office this year by having a costume contest, enjoying some traditional Halloween treats, hosting a pumpkin carving contest, or having a Halloween decorating challenge. Halloween is an incredible opportunity to team build at the office, so don’t miss out this October 31st!