One of my all-time favorite movie series is definitely The Matrix Trilogy. The plot itself was not only great, but the characters were also fascinating. Morpheus. Trinity. Neo. Agent Smith. Even Cypher. In the movie Neo left his job for obvious reasons, but do you have a good reason for leaving your job? Do you even think that it might be needed?

What was the first quote you remember from the movie? I am pretty certain this one sticks in your mind: “Everything that has a beginning, has an end, Neo“. Morpheus, Oracle, even Agent Smith used that quote. (Oops, spoilers. Sorry!).

You might think that “This is my dream job, I am happy with it, I get paid well” etc. However everything that has a beginning still has an end. There will be a time that you will need to move on. The end of your current job will come and you can not avoid it. That is when you start to look for a new job, a new “beginning” that will also have an “end”.

As you begin to explore other career options, platforms like SuperCareer might help you find your dream job at your dream company. In theory, you would work there for the rest of your life, but who knows what tomorrow brings? Your next managerial change may leave you with no options or you may need to relocate for personal reasons. Keep in mind that your next potential employer will ask for a good reason to leave your last job so please dont get caught red-handed in the storage room or using photocopier on your bum.

In your career, you will always carry your job experiences with you, and they are not always pretty or professional. Your potential employers will probably not care about “How did you leave your last job“. The only thing they care is why, and that “why” might be the difference between you and the person who lands the job you want.

good reason for leaving your job
Your boss might be weird.

8 Good Reasons for Leaving Your Job

No One Cares About Your Accomplishments

Your manager, and even your teammates may be a complete totally unprofessional and unappreciative. You could be working with a boss who only brags about what he has done for the company using what you have achieved instead of his own achievements. This kind of behavior instantly strikes a blow at your motivation.  If you can’t resolve your conflicts with your boss personally or can not complain to his/her superior, that is definitely a good reason for leaving your job to start looking for a new job.

The only reason you should be worried about this is your next employer. They will most likely ask you what your reason for leaving was and if you explain your problems with your boss, they might think that you have a problem against authority. What you have to do here is to choose your words very carefully while talking about this issue. If you can, rehearse this speech in your head before you go into the interview.

You Have No Room For Development

People possess a natural thirst for knowledge. It is not different in work environment. You always want to improve yourself, not only to satisfy your thirst for knowledge, but also to improve your career. However, this is not always easy.

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.”
Paulo Coelho

Some workplaces have certain rules or guidelines for personal improvement. Some of them (like Google) even encourage people to think about their personal projects during work hours. This is because they want their employees to improve and expect their employees to improve the company. This is not the case for some companies and they treat their employees like slaves.

Of course, every now and then, your superiors will give you boring tasks. However, if these dull tasks are taking all of your time and you are not learning anything, you should definitely look at your alternative solutions. It might help talking to your superiors about your problems; however if you think this will make things worse, you may need to explore new career opportunities or even resign from your job.

Co-worker Gets Paid More Than You

Life isn’t fair. We should accept that, but we also should fight towards getting what is rightfully ours. As William Shakespeare says: “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves”. In your career, you will face many, many unfair situations and how you react against them will shape your future.

It is very common that someone in your department, who joined the team after you gets paid more than you do. You can have equal experience in your resume, but you can still have a lot more experience in the company. However you get paid less than the newcomer.

If you happen to learn this, the wrong way to handle situation is going to your superiors or the HR department and complain. The best thing you can do is to ask for a raise, which can encourage the company to negotiate with you if they truly value you as an employee. If you can’t get a result from this approach, then it is time to consider leaving. If you still love your job, you can keep your mouth shut and accept your fate. For a while at least, it is still a good reason for leaving your job.

Conflicts Become Personal at Office

You will always think differently from some of your teammates on certain topics. Sometimes they will have bad ideas but their ideas will be accepted while your ideas get ignored even if they have a better chance of succeeding. That is pretty much normal in any office environment and there are different variables that cause this. As long as conflicts do not become personal and they are just about work matters, it is OK. However, if your coworkers take every bit of criticism personally, or if they start criticizing you rather than your work, it is not a good sign.

I will effing get you in your sleep!
I will effing get you in your sleep!

You should always be professional in work environment. You should tolerate your co-workers’ ideas, as long as it is work related. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get into personal relationships with them. Becoming friends with all of your teammates is a great way to improve your working relationships. However when the ego wars begin in the office, go and find shelter because, sooner or later shrapnel will hit you even if you are not the target.

We know that sometimes dumb ducks at the office will hit your buttons, but you need to remain calm for yourself. Try to handle these kind of problems personally by telling them that you have no issue with them personally. You only disagree in work matters. If even this does not get any result, talk to your superiors and if this is the culture of your organization, it is a good reason for leaving your job.

Shady Stuff Going on Behind The Curtain

Almost everyone wants to work for big, well-known brands like Microsoft, Google, Coca-Cola or government contractors like Lockheed Martin or Boeing. However that is not always possible and you may end up in a local company who does a lot of different things. Some of them you are aware of and some of them are not known. These “not known” things may hurt your career.

Did package from Medellín arrive?
Did package from Medellín arrive?

The company you work for might be a shipping company that seems totally legal, but you know what is going on behind those closed doors. You might just be a software developer that has nothing to do with this stuff, but, when the authorities arrive, you will be in trouble for sure.

Always know that you need to look for a new job right away when you sense that something shady is going on in your company. If you don’t, you may not only get in trouble, but your whole career might be in danger. Therefore, this is totally a good reason for leaving your job and looking for a new one.

Your Role Changes Against Your Will

A role change is not necessarily a promotion. Sometimes managers or superiors might think that you are suitable for an open position and your current position might be filled easier. This might be a good thing or a bad thing.

If you feel like your new position is some kind of promotion, you may feel good about it. However, if this position does not align with your career interests, then it may be bad for your future jobs. Try to solve this problem by telling your superiors that you don’t want to change your current title and workload. If they insist or even force you to move to your new position, you should consider a change in your career. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to stay at this company or work for a job that doesn’t suit you well.

A new position might be a better one than your current one. That may even provide you with new options in your career path, so you need to think about it thoroughly. Even if you think that this move is a demotion for you, it might be a needed pivot for your future or a good reason for leaving your job, it is up to you.

You Have More Workload Than Anyone

There is always a scapegoat in every office. It might be the intern, it might be new social media new grad or it might be you. This only happens when you allow it to. You can be the hardest worker in the office, but this must come with a prize. If you can not get anything out of your hard work, there is a problem.

This is not you. This is your point of view.
This is not you. This is your point of view.

You are working overtime to get your work done on time, but your colleague is checking out hot chicks on Instagram. No problem if office notices that you are getting work done and he is not. But the worst case scenario is that he gets his little work done too, while you need to work overtime for 6 days to do yours. That is when you have a problem to solve or have a good reason for leaving your job.

Like other things in this list, first, you must try to solve the problem by talking to your superiors. Ask for a dedicated intern or an assistant to help you on your overwhelming workload. If they think that you are doing just as much as your coworkers, try to explain them that you have much more workload than they do. If you can’t, your only solution is to look for alternatives. You know what they are.

You Can’t Foresee the Future Of Your Company

For the last 20 years, world has been shaped by new generation companies called “startups”. A lot of companies that are valued over a billion dollars didn’t even exist in 2000. It is considered pretty standard for a company to build up from ground and hit a billion dollar value, or close the doors all together. It is also a burden on the workers of the companies that no longer exist. If you were already in one, you know what we are talking about. A company announces several years of loss and shuts down in an instant.

If you feel like the company you are working for has no future, you can always talk to your boss and tell him that you do not believe in the company or its future. It is considered normal. Owners will probably respect your decision to not pursue their dream  and this is a good reason for leaving your job.

When you leave a company like this, your next employer may also be proud that you want to work for them because you believe in them. However, it may backfire and he/she may think you are not an asset to be prepared for future of the company. It is up to you to talk your way out of this complicated situation.