Whether you are going in for a job interview, starting your first day at work, or meeting a prestigious new client, making a good first impression can be extremely important. The reason is because a first impression is the basis that other people use to evaluate you. If you make a good first impression, then it can create a foundation for a positive future relationship. Here are 8 ways to make a great first impression.


1) Dress well

Before you even begin speaking to the person, he or she is likely to look at you and notice how you are dressed. If you look sloppy, and are wearing clothes that are wrinkled, or inappropriate for the situation, then this can have a negative impact. Instead, try to look well-put-together and to dress appropriately for the situation.


2) Be polite and respectful

Using good manners, and being polite and respectful can definitely help to leave a favorable impression. If a person feels like he or she is being treated with respect, then he or she will probably view you as kind, mature, and respectful. These are all good things to be associated with.


3) Don’t be late

Showing up late to a meeting or to an interview, etc., is a good way to make the other person feel irritated and disrespected. So, instead, make sure you are always on time when you are meeting an important person for the first time. Showing up a little early is good too!

Hipster is looking his watch to not to be late and talking with phone

4) Make eye contact

Making eye contact shows that you are focused on the conversation and are giving the situation the proper attention that it deserves. It is just another great sign of respect that often goes over well with people.


5) Listen

When first meeting someone important, you may be tempted to do a lot of talking out of a desire to impress, or due to nervous energy. However, you don’t want to overwhelm the person, and you want to show that you can take in the information they are saying. So make sure to listen.

beautiful blonde woman wearing glasses is listening to someone

6) Be positive

Positive energy is often received well. So try to avoid talking about negative, depressing things. Focus on positive things instead. Also, be attentive, avoid being critical or harsh, and be mindful of your tone of voice.


7) Be prepared

The benefit of being prepared is that it shows that you are focused, organized, and most important, well-versed on whatever topic or topics that are likely to arise during the first meeting. This is good for making a good impression.


8) Use good body language

This means, don’t slouch, sit up straight, smile, face the person when they are talking, etc. Good posture can reflect confidence. Also, body language often comes across very strongly, so try to use this to your advantage!

Hand positions of a brunette businessman showing his body language

First impressions can be a very big deal in the business world. So whether you are about to have an extremely important meeting, or are just wondering how to introduce yourself to people, all of these tips can help you make a great first impression. Be sure to follow these tips, be yourself, and don’t forget to follow up with the person after you have made your first impression!