A great resume can catch a hiring manager’s eye and increase the chances that he or she will set up an interview with you. This means that if you are trying to find a job, and are perusing the job market, that it is really important to have an excellent, high-quality resume.

Here are 8 signs you need to update your resume.


1) It is loaded with grammatical errors

Few things can make a hiring manager discard your resume faster than having tons of grammatical errors. So if your resumed has many grammatical errors, it definitely needs an update!


2) Your contact info is outdated

Having outdated contact info defeats the purpose of even sending in a resume. How can a hiring manager reach you if your email and cell phone info on your resume are not accurate??


3) Your qualifications have changed

If you have recently completed a degree, added significant work experience, or have earned any awards or certificates, then you should definitely upgrade your resume to reflect that.

Woman is filling her resume

4) You suspect that you have done a poor job writing it

You might suspect this if you think it is too short or too long if you have used a strange format, etc. If this is the case, then it is a good idea to research best resume formats online before you rewrite it. You should also look at some examples of resumes as well.


5) You are not having any success

If you keep sending out resumes and getting zero responses, then it could be time to start thinking about retooling your resume.


6) Listing irrelevant work experience

If you are applying for a marketing job at a fortune five hundred company, then it is probably best to leave your summer job in high school as a lifeguard off of your resume.

Man is updating his resume

7) Neglecting keywords

Many companies now use hiring software to search for keywords in resumes as a primary filter. So, it can be extremely important to include keywords that are relevant to the position in your resume!


8) Using run-on sentences

Run-on sentences can be frustrating and not very pleasant to read. They are too wordy and can make you look unprofessional, and like a bad writer. Instead, it is better to keep your sentences concise, and at an appropriate length.


All of these signs that you need to update your resume are warnings for you that your resume could be a lot better. If you don’t know how to create a resume, there are many great articles about this online. A quick Google search about this will yield a number of great results.

If you look for these warning signs, and if you make the necessary changes, you could be well on your way to landing your dream job!