Having a child can be an amazing and wonderful blessing. However, becoming a parent can also make it difficult to create a good work/life balance. This is because children typically require a lot of care and attention! Here are the 8 best jobs to balance your career and parenthood.


1) Call center employee

Call center employees either make or receive telephone calls on behalf of companies. This job is often very flexible in terms of hours and employees can often work at home, or choose which shift they would like to work on. The median salary for a call center employee is $28,686.

A call center worker mom with her child

2) Teacher’s aide

A teacher’s aide is a person who works in classrooms in schools to assist teachers with certain activities. Similar to bus drivers, teacher’s aides can have the benefit of operating on the same schedule as their children. Teacher’s aides have an average median salary of $23,220.


3) School bus driver

The great benefit of being a being a school bus driver is that it allows you to be on roughly the same schedule with your children. However, it also allows you to have time during the middle of the day during which you can run errands or take care of household chores. The median salary for a bus driver is $29,160.

Kids are taking the bus

4) Web developer

Web developer is another one of the great jobs for flexible hours. Whether you are working for one company or as a freelancer, web development can often be done on your own schedule, and often from home too! The average median salary for web developers is $60,900.


5) Online tax advisor

Online tax advisors give tax advice to people about their taxes online, or over the phone. This job allows for great flexibility and can allow you to adjust your schedule to your children’s needs! The average median salary for an online tax advisor is $61,500.


6) Substitute teacher

A substitute teacher is a person who fills in for a teacher when they are sick, are on maternity leave, or are otherwise absent. The average median salary for a substitute teacher is $25,178.


7) Content writer

Content writers write web content that is used by companies on their websites. This job also allows for great flexibility in terms of scheduling and can be done from home a lot of the time. The average median salary for content writers is $47,847.

Content writer is working with her computer

8) Library assistant

Library assistants help librarians maintain libraries and perform duties that are necessary for their operation. The average median salary for a library assistant is $28,929.


Whether you are looking for a full-time job, extra ways to make money, or even for your dream job, these 8 careers are great for balancing work with parenthood. So while you are trying to find the right job and the right career path, keep these careers in mind!