When it comes to job interviews, there are many myths regarding the process of going through them, and how to best succeed in them. However, not all job interview myths are accurate. In fact, some of them are misguided, or even flat out wrong! Here are some of the top myths to avoid when you are preparing for an interview.


The most qualified candidate gets the job every time

Although being qualified for an interview can be very helpful when it comes to demonstrating credibility, the most qualified candidate does not always get the job. This is because, in addition to seeking someone with great qualifications, many interviewers also look for someone who appears to be a good fit for the company culture, and who has good communication skills as well.

In other words, there are other factors besides your college degree or past work experience that can go into an interviewer’s decision. To help you perform well in regards to these other factors, make sure that you dress professionally, are very polite, and communicate well.

Hiring manager is making an interview to two applicants

The hiring manager doesn’t mind getting you water or coffee

Oftentimes, at the beginning of an interview, a hiring manager will ask whether or not you want water or coffee. Usually, this is just a polite ice breaker, and you are expected to say no. The hiring manager may not even have a pot of coffee brewed!

So, if you see bottles of water or a pot of brewed coffee in the room, then it might be okay to say yes if they offer. However, if you don’t, then you should definitely say no. Otherwise, you may stress the interviewer out by sending him or her on a trip to go and track down or even brew coffee. Usually, it is safest to just politely say, “no thank you.”


Every interviewer has read your resume

Many times, a company will have multiple people sit in on your interview. This does not mean that every one of them has read your resume. In fact, perhaps only one of them has.

But, all of the interviewers will know that you have at least passed through the first filter, and have made it to the interview stage. This means that they are all most likely going to take you seriously and that you have a genuine opportunity to prove yourself during the interview.A pencil is standing over a resume

Interview skills are irrelevant

This is a very bad thing to assume. In fact, interview skills are extremely important! To build up your interview skills, you should practice responding to potential interview questions before you even go in for your interview.


The more that you do this, the better your interview skills will become, and the more likely you will be to get the job. Today’s job market can be very competitive for the average job seeker. However, understanding all of these myths about interviewing can help you to get an edge on your competition!