Are you seeking the thrill and excitement of a new or evolving career in a startup? Do you get sick of working in a corporate company? Traditional corporate jobs and startup companies both have their positives and challenges. Finding the right fit depends on your attributes and personality. Discovering more about yourself and what type of work environment you are capable of working in will allow you to thrive on the job.

Typically, startup jobs are for employees who possess the following characteristics:


Being flexible

Startup companies cannot always offer a benefits package with vacation days and health insurance; however, they can include the opportunity to work from home, flexible work hours, extended time off, and the potential for shares in the company. If these perks outweigh the drawbacks, a startup job is the right choice for you.


Willing to take risks

Does it excite you to think about building a business from the ground up? Do you have the desire to shape the future of a corporation with no guarantee that there won’t be bumps along the road? If so, a startup job could very well be the fit for you.


Ability to go with the flow

If you require structure and rigid rules, then a startup job probably is not your best option for work. Startup companies involve a significant amount of trial and error, so employees must be willing to roll with the punches and try different methods and approaches. They must realize that certain situations are going to pop up that were never anticipated. That’s okay. It is all part of working for a startup company

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Passion is defined as a strong feeling of excitement and enthusiasm for something. Believing in your products and services takes passion. As a startup worker, your drive and willingness to treat the company as if it were your very own child is what it takes to succeed. Your commitment comes from within you and your desire for achievement. If you are passionate about the company you work for and will do anything to take the business to the top, then a startup job is a great option for you.


Willing to learn

In a startup position, you will probably wear many hats. Although you may not have the proper, in-depth training for a particular task, you need to be able to take direction, or possibly research best practices on your own, and then hit the ground running. If you are trainable and willing to learn, you will go a long way as a startup employee.
A startup can be an exciting place to work. Although you may not earn your desired salary straight away, startup jobs have great potential for the right personality.

Choosing the right type of job for you does not have to be stressful. Evaluate your personality and strengths before searching for a position. If you want to be certain a startup company is the right fit for you, Let SuperCareer help. Simply complete your online profile and gain quality feedback. It is that easy!