Hiring manager is making interview to applicant at a cafe

What Should You Ask At an Interview?

A job interview can be a very important aspect of getting a job. After all, it gives the hiring manager an opportunity to speak...

Food and Drink Considerations for Your Big Day

Nerves can seem to take over your mind and your body when approaching those last couple of minutes before entering your potential new office...

Don’t Believe These Job Interviewing Myths

When it comes to job interviews, there are many myths regarding the process of going through them, and how to best succeed in them. However,...

5 Ways Body Language Can Land You a Job

The day has finally arrived. After completing countless job applications, you have received that invitation to interview for your dream job. It’s time to...
Young happy woman and her employer are handshaking after an interview

How to Properly Follow Up After an Interview?

So, you’ve gone to your interview, answered the questions well, presented yourself in a professional manner, and spoke with clarity and insight. Now, a...

How to Negotiate Salary in a Job Interview

Picture this scenario: You have completed a job application, received a call for an interview, and are now preparing to land the job by...

How to Survive Group Interviews

Landing a job interview brings mixed emotions for most people. After a job search, many are overjoyed that they have been awarded the opportunity...
first impression

The Art of the First Impression

First impressions aren’t only applicable to going out on dates! Several studies indicate that some hiring managers have already decided within 90 seconds of...
an applicant wearing a suit is having an interview with the hiring manager

10 Ways to Describe Yourself At an Interview

Oftentimes, job applicants are asked the question “How would you describe yourself?” at job interviews. If you have not prepared an answer to this...

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