having fun at the office

10 Ways to Have More Fun at Work

Is your job a major drag? Are you tired of feeling bored at work? Well, it’s time to turn that frown upside down and...

How to Handle Dreaded Hangover At Work?

It’s pretty bad to have to wake up early. Even worse when it’s to the nagging beep of your alarm clock. But the absolute...

How to Give an Effective Work Presentation

Imagine this scenario: You have been awarded an amazing promotion, and now you must give a business presentation to the entire staff. Does the...

5 Reasons Why You Need to Ditch Your Desk at Lunch

It’s lunchtime! Time to move away from our office desks and take a break, right? Well, even though our bellies are growling for food...
worker playing with his phone

How to Play Video Games at Work

  WORK is a four letter word that some associate with boredom. For those of you who feel that way, it is time to change...
office, hostile, women, problem, conflict

Do You Have a Problem with Your Coworker?

Conflict is an eight letter word that everyone should try to avoid. Unfortunately, conflict within the workplace is inevitable. With the proper problem solving...

10 Strategies to Increase Employee Commitment and Loyalty

One of the biggest challenges managers face today is how to gain and sustain a satisfied and committed workforce. Think of a job like...
Man is quitting his job with his box filled with flowers and stuffs

How to Resign From Your Job Gracefully

Quitting a job can be uncomfortable and difficult. After all, it means leaving behind a work environment you are used to and have been...
A brunette new graduated girl

The Biggest Challenges Facing Graduate Job Seekers Today

Although a college degree is often viewed as the “ticket to a good job,” graduates today are facing a number of different challenges when...
Two angry colleagues are looking to each other

How to Resolve Conflicts With Your Supervisor?

When people are cooped up in offices, working long hours the day in and day out, there is likely to be at least some...

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