Employer is deciding who to hire

How Does an Employer Decide Who to Hire?

Hiring decisions can have a very strong impact on the success of a company. For this reason, employers often have thorough processes for making...
Man is quitting his job with his box filled with flowers and stuffs

How to Resign From Your Job Gracefully

Quitting a job can be uncomfortable and difficult. After all, it means leaving behind a work environment you are used to and have been...
A group of happy colleagues are raising their hands

Six Ways to Build a Winning Company Culture

A company culture is the collection of values, beliefs, and behaviors that are promoted and encouraged at a company. A company’s culture can have...
A group of people are having fun at the office Christmas party with confetti

What Makes The Perfect Office Christmas Party?

An office Christmas party can be a great way for your office to celebrate the holiday, and have some fun at the end of...
Young people are having fun at office christmas party

10 Tips to Survive Your Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas parties can be a lot of fun. However, an entire office switching from a work setting to a party setting can present...
A brunette new graduated girl

The Biggest Challenges Facing Graduate Job Seekers Today

Although a college degree is often viewed as the “ticket to a good job,” graduates today are facing a number of different challenges when...
Businessman is about to sleep at meeting

How to Sleep at Work Without Getting Caught

As you search for a job, it is highly unlikely that you will find a job description that includes a power nap at the...
Halloween costume party ideas

Halloween Costume Party at Work

Every year on October 31st, people in Ireland and the United States celebrate Halloween by dressing up as witches, ghosts, and even their favorite...

10 Great Gifts for Boss’s Day

Each year, Boss’s Day is observed on the Monday closest to October 16th. You might be asking yourself, “What exactly is Boss’s Day and...

How to Give an Effective Work Presentation

Imagine this scenario: You have been awarded an amazing promotion, and now you must give a business presentation to the entire staff. Does the...

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