Asking for a promotion can be tricky. After all, it essentially means asking your superior to give you more money and to trust you with more responsibility. Both of these things can be risky for managers.

However, a promotion can be very beneficial for your career. It can also benefit your company if you do a good job at your new position. Here are some of the best ways to ask for a promotion.


Choose your timing wisely

Certain times during the week may be much more opportune than others when it comes to asking for a promotion. For example, Mondays, in general, are probably not the best time. This is because managers are often stressed out on Mondays, trying to catch up on leftover work from the weekend or previous week.

Early in the morning can be a bad time too, because your manager may not have had his or her coffee yet! To increase your chances of success, it is a better idea to ask for a promotion in the afternoon, or on Fridays. Your manager is likely to be in a better mood during these times because the work day or work week is almost over.


Make a convincing argument

When you approach your manager to ask for a promotion, the manager is very likely going to expect justification for this promotion. So, you need to have all your ducks in a row and be able to explain exactly why you deserve more money and more responsibility.

During this conversation, it will be extremely helpful if you can detail how you are helping the company to make more money, and why the company should pay you more because of this.

Boss is congrutulating promoted employee

Do not take too long

Managers tend to be very busy. Because of this they can get irritated if you take too long during your promotion pitch. So, to prevent them from getting frustrated with you, make sure you are very concise and respect their time. Just make the important points quickly, efficiently, and neatly.


Try to make the proposition appealing for your manager too

Oftentimes, when an employee asks for a promotion, a manager may be on the fence about whether or not to approve it. This is why any little extra thing you can offer to your manager may be useful.

For example, if your promotion would involve advancing to more of a leadership role, you can tell your manager that you would be willing to go to a leadership training seminar, etc. Small things like this may make the difference when it comes to getting approved for the promotion.

Woman is talking to her boss

If you are trying to figure out how to make extra money, or are thinking about moving forward in your career, then a promotion can be very helpful to you. Promotions can help you climb career ladders faster than just about anything else. If you follow these tips, you can master the art of asking for a promotion in no time!