Office Christmas parties can be a lot of fun. However, an entire office switching from a work setting to a party setting can present some unique challenges and situations. This can be especially true if a few members of your office are feeling a little bit too much Christmas spirit (a.k.a. booze).

Here are some great tips to survive your office Christmas party.


1) Don’t drink too much

This is perhaps the most important tip of all. It can be tempting to have a few extra glasses of holiday eggnog at the office party. After all, it’s the holidays, you may have some time off, your whole office is having fun. However, if you drink too much, you may end up making decisions that you regret, and embarrassing yourself. So, pace yourself and don’t overdo it!


2) Use a cab/Uber or have a designated driver

If you know that you are going to be partying, it’s a good idea to make sure that you and your coworkers or friends have a safe driver. You do this by taking a taxi or an Uber to and from the venue, or having a designated driver.


3) Adhere to the dress code

It is wise to dress appropriately at your office Christmas party. Although the party may not require formal work attire, and proper office etiquette, you don’t want to wear anything too scandalous. Doing so may cause a bit of a scene. So it is better to adhere to the dress code if there is one. If there isn’t, just err on the side of caution and remember your boss will probably be there!


4) Be careful not to flirt too

A bit of office flirting is probably normal at most office Christmas parties. However, it is wise not to get too carried away if you plan on flirting at your office party. Keep it classy.

A couple is kissing at a christmas party as friends looking

5) Be wary of the punch bowl

Christmas parties are notorious for having large punch bowls. The problem with punch bowls is that it can be difficult to tell exactly what kinds of alcohol are in them, or how much alcohol is in one glass. So, you might want to stick to the bar.


6) Keep your gifts appropriate

Many offices do secret Santas, or have some form of gift exchanging at holiday parties. If this is your office, just make sure you keep your gifts tasteful! Otherwise you could be in for some awkward moments when you go back to work.

colleagues are celebrating christmas party and giving presents

7) Go with at least one other person

Having a party buddy is a good idea because you can look after one another. This can be especially helpful if one of you fails to follow tip number one. It’s always good to have a wing man or wing woman, and an office Christmas party is no exception.


8) Drink water

Drinking water before the party and even during it can help to prevent a hangover and it can also make sure you are properly hydrated. This is helpful if you are going to be drinking.


9) Eat enough food

Drinking on an empty stomach can make the alcohol have a stronger impact on your body. Eating enough food before the party can help you make sure that the alcohol does not affect you as much. However, you will still need to pace yourself!


10) Have a great time!

The office Christmas party comes but once a year. So, remember to enjoy yourself and have fun! Not only can it be a great way for you to kick back and have a great night with your coworkers, but there may be some interesting networking opportunities at it as well. So, mingle with your friends and coworkers and enjoy the night!

Friends are toasting at a office christmas party

Following these tips this holiday season can help you survive your office Christmas party and have a great time. Just remember to stick to them, or else you might end up creating a lot of office gossip!