Each year, Boss’s Day is observed on the Monday closest to October 16th. You might be asking yourself, “What exactly is Boss’s Day and how do I participate?” Well, this day brings the opportunity for employees to show just how much they appreciate their bosses. Although an all-expense paid trip to Maui would knock your boss off of his or her feet, this is probably not feasible and it is definitely over the top. With Boss’s Day right around the corner, it is time to think about how to impress your boss with the perfect gift. So what exactly are the best bosses’ day gifts? Let’s take a look…


1) Tickets to an event

Does your boss love sports? Does he or she love music? Purchasing tickets to a sporting event or music concert can definitely be the perfect gift!


2) Edible arrangement

Whether it’s popcorn, chocolate, fruit, nuts, coffee, or a combination of all, an edible arrangement might be exactly what your boss would love. You don’t even have to spend a large amount of money on a professionally made basket, DIY ad save!


3) Artwork

Could your boss use a little artwork to spruce up his or her office? A beautiful painting or inspiring wall art is a wonderful gift idea.


4) Diffuser

Essential oils have so many uses and benefits. Your boss could definitely profit from an aromatherapy diffuser with some incredible scents to ease tension and stress and boost energy levels.


5) Travel case

For bosses who travel frequently, a travel case serves as a very useful gift. Take it a step further and pack the travel case with some toiletries that you should never leave home without!


6) Clock

In the business world, there are deadlines, meetings, and conferences. Knowing the time is essential in order to avoid being late. Purchasing a office desk clock or wall clock for your boss is definitely a purposeful gift.


7) Paperweight

Although this may not seem like the most unique gift to give, you can make it special by purchasing a paperweight and engraving it with your boss’s favorite quote. You will even score extra points by showing that you know his or her favorite quote!


8) Desk plant

Could your boss’s office use some greenery? A desk plant in a unique pot can liven up an office and put a smile on your boss’s face.


9) Business card holder

Have you witnessed your boss fumbling around for a business card at an event only to drop a pile of them all over the floor? You can save him or her future embarrassment by giving the gift of a stylish business card holder to keep cards secure and easily accessible.


10) A thoughtful card

Material items are not always the best way to show your appreciation. Taking time to buy a card and write a personal message may be the perfect gift for your boss. Sharing how thankful you are for having such a wonderful boss can really go a long way.


No matter what type of gift you decide upon, remember that it is ultimately the thought that counts. Showing your appreciation for your boss in the most genuine way should be your top priority. Happy shopping!

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