The continued advancement of technology has changed many industries and created many different jobs. Here are new some jobs that have appeared in the job market recently as a result of advances in technology.


10) Drone pilot

A drone pilot is a person who operates unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones. Drones have both military and civilian applications. They can be used for surveillance, intelligence gathering, and even to get better camera angles for filming.

Drone operator is flying a drone with remote controller

9) Uber driver

Taxi drivers have been around for a long time. However, Uber capitalized on the use of mobile and app technology to upgrade the taxi industry. Now Uber drivers are a force to be reckoned with!


8) Cloud computing specialist

A cloud computing specialist is an IT professional who specializes in cloud computing technology. So, cloud computing specialists can help create and manage software and data that is relevant for the cloud.


7) Social media manager

Many of the major social media channels have only been created in the past decade or so. However, many of them have also become powerhouses in terms of daily active users. Social media managers manage a company’s social media accounts on behalf of the company.

A blogger is blogging on her computer

6) SEO specialist

An SEO specialist is someone who specializes in optimizing a business’s website and written content to help the website move up the search engine rankings. Search engine rankings are extremely important for marketing purposes.


5) App designer

App designers come up with the ideas that will shape how an app looks and functions. They are like architects for apps. App designers send their designs to developers who create the actual code for the apps.


4) Big data analyst

Big data analysts are the professionals who attempt to gain useful insights from the large volumes of data that is now capable of being gathered from technological advancements.


3) Developer

A developer is a person who creates or modifies software and applications. Developers usually know at least one major computing language. They are often skilled coders as well

Developer is coding with two monitor

2) Digital marketing specialist

Marketing in the digital age is very different from marketing in the pre-digital age. Digital marketing specialists are the people who help companies advertise through available digital avenues.


1) Youtube content creator

In the past decade, Youtube has become an incredibly powerful source of information. Youtube content creators are people who post videos to Youtube and get paid to do this. They can make money off of advertising and sometimes even sponsorship deals.


There are many digital jobs and careers that are emerging currently. These positions can be helpful for anyone who is going through the process of finding a job in the digital era. So don’t forget to include these jobs in your career search if you are looking for a digital job!